Design, Human-Centricity, Human-Centric, Evaluation

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Design, Human-Centricity, Human-Centric, Evaluation

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Design, Human-Centricity, Human-Centric, Evaluation



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A Framework for Design & Development,
A Framework for Evaluation!​Like any other concept, many different notions of human-centricity have been suggested. We propose that the following understanding can provide a very useful framework for the evaluation of existing and for development of future evaluation systems:In a human-centric approach, individual (cognitive) and social (collective and contextual) dimensions of every single end-user and all end-users combined are taken into account when an information system—e.g. a consent-obtaining mechanism—is designed, implemented, evaluated, and released.[An image on enactivism]Considering that humans are cognitive systems enacting in their socio-contextual environments provides a framework to empower them based on their sociocognitive needs, values, capabilities and limits.Using a human-centric perspective will not only support designers and developers to include sociocognitive aspects of consenting agents (i.e. end-users) in the development of a new consent-obtaining mechanism. It can also provide a framework to evaluate the existing mechanisms’ design to obtain consent on the Internet.

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A Framework for Design & Development, A Framework for Evaluation!​

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